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Sid Lakhani
Leadership 0

A great leader is a servant to others.

I consider my father and uncle as my two “business fathers.” The first taught me about apparel, the second about real estate. They both taught me about service to others.

After achieving material success, I realized something was missing. I studied with a spiritual teacher named Swami Parthasarathy who inspired me to see that the endless material pursuit doesn’t bring sustainable happiness.

As a businessman, I am always looking to generate profit. But I define that profit in both financial and human terms.

Before deciding a matter, I ask myself, “What’s the right thing to do?” Not, “What will be the easiest and most profitable?” I’ve discovered that it is the only way for me to be, plus it promotes long-lasting relationships of trust with my team, shareholders, suppliers, and customers.

I pride myself on being a visionary who is fearless and, at the same time, accountable and empathetic. People are motivated, aligned, and engaged when working for a company with a purpose. This is in our DNA, not just the latest trend.

I ask myself daily, “What is our team doing to help others and ourselves?”

My mission is to serve and to inspire future generations to do the same.